Ali: Ongoing pain despite seeing 12 Specialists & numerous therapists for his scoliosis and a bulging disc

Ali experienced a number of different symptoms and ended up with severe back pain making even sitting impossible. After just a few weeks he returned to physical exercise and has learnt an important lesson about the connection between mind and body.

Vicky: How I avoided surgery and regained my life from chronic back pain in just 2 months

Vicky’s back pain was making her miserable and with surgery looming to address a herniated disc, she decided there must be another way. Using the SIRPA approach she regained her life in just 2 months. Here’s Vicky telling us her story.

Ravi: The link between your brain and pain is more powerful than you think

Ravi spent 4 hours screaming in pain in hospital and wished he’d met Georgie earlier, it all could have been avoided. Here’s Ravi’s recovery story in his own words.

Louise: How she resolved her pain and overcame her fears

The SIRPA approach isn’t just a recovery programme but skills for life. In this video Louise shares how she’s now been pain free for 4 years and continues to use the strategies today.

Dale: It’s a miracle, 13yrs of back pain resolved!

Dale’s back pain began aged 13 years and he suffered from episodes for decades. Often these were very severe until he was unable to work, sit or walk for more than a few steps for 18 months. Then he came across SIRPA and everything changed. Listen to his story here.

Lynne: Using education and self-empowering strategies to recover from debilitating back pain

Like so many people for years Lynne struggled to connect the dots and find a solution to her back pain that made sense. Turning to Dr Sarno and learning about TMS, she finally found her answers and is now pain free.

Mandy: When her pain continued despite spinal surgery, Mandy finally found a way to resolve her Lower Back Pain

After years of believing her weak back was the cause of her pain Mandy started the self-empowering and educational approach which finally led to her recovery. She now goes ice skating and walks her dog every day.

Marie: Recovery is possible, how words can heal

Marie Lovell suffered from recurring back pain and sciatica for 10 years and in 2009 this escalated and she was unable to work or do anything she normally did with no problem. She was diagnosed with a ‘massive prolapsed disc’ and would have ended up having spinal surgery if she had not come across this work. Marie made a full recovery in weeks.

Sarah: Finally finding the answers to years of Back Pain

Sarah was suffering with chronic back pain for 2 years before finding the SIRPA approach. She’s now been pain free for 1 year. In this video Sarah shares her experience and recovery story.

Jane: Recovery from Inflammatory Symptoms

Jane was suffering from numerous inflammatory symptoms and despite an increasing number of medications continued to suffer with chronic pain. Using the SIRPA approach she felt 80% better in just 3 months.

Sally: Recovery from Sciatica and Back Pain after failed Surgery

After giving birth to her first child the sciatica Sally had developed during the latter stages of her pregnancy became significantly worse and following surgery 5 months later she was no better. Then she found SIRPA. In this video Sally shares her experience and recovery story.

Enrique: Recovery from RSI

After periods of recurring musculoskeletal aches and pains
in his late teens and 20’s, Enrique then struggled for years with RSI.  His recovery came after coming across Dr J Sarno’s work about TMS. Find out more about his recovery in this video.

Alicia: Recovery from RSI

Dr Alicia Batson trained in internal medicine and psychiatry and having just started her first job in an academic medical centre in 2003, she began to have pains in her left elbow. After 10 years seeking an answer from both conventional and holistic healthcare professionals she began to realise her symptoms were TMS. In this video she shares her amazing recovery story.