Pathways to Pain Relief by Frances Sommer Anderson and Eric Sherman



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Based upon the pioneering work of John E. Sarno, MD, Pathways to Pain Relief offers the stories of seventeen patients who recovered from back pain, sciatica, and other pain disorders which were emotional in origin…. These stories are shared to help people searching for relief from pain and those who support them….. Written by two therapists who worked with Dr. Sarno for over 30 years, and including input from their patients, Pathways to Pain Relief offers ideas and inspiration to explore the emotional circumstances related to the development of pain.

For those who have read Dr. Sarno’s work, about 25% find that psychotherapy is essential for success. Pathways to Pain Relief provides greater depth about the emotional and therapeutic aspects of recovery through psychotherapy. These innovative concepts have already produced gratifying results for thousands of patients suffering from psychophysiologic pain disorders.


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