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Journaling for many people provides a powerful way to acknowledge the emotions related to past and current stresses which we recognise to be the underlying cause of the symptoms of Stress Illness. This ebook not only explains how and why journaling could help you, but also mentions some of the studies that have demonstrated the wide ranging benefits of journaling.

Many people recognise that journaling can be effective in helping them recover from symptoms of Stress Illness, but just don’t know where to start. This ebook covers everything from how to get started, how to decide what to write about and how to deal with any emotional memories effectively in order to be able to let go of the emotional charge that has resulted in your symptoms so you can move on with your life.

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Georgie Oldfield, Adam Al-Kashi, Alison Little, Andrew Taylor, Chris Shorter, Christen Herbert, Claire Lisboa, Damon Peterson, Dennis Donnelly, Dinah Spratt, Eilish Armstrong, Elaine Leonard, Emily Tims, Encarna Espuna Ripoll, Helen Critchley, Honora Totman, Jayne McDermott, Jeroen Theunissen, Jim Prussack, Jo Neville, Joy Chamberlin, Karen Chappell, Karin Van Gerner, Ken Rawling, Lee Johnson, Linda Barbour, Linda Skellam, Liz Dyde, Liz Hancock, Louise Broda, Louise Levy, Mags Clark-Smith, Maria Hammond, Marjo Van Ekelenburg, Mary Stapleton, Mary Upton, Matt Kinal, Nadia Noorbakhsh, Nicky Barlow, Nicola Jepson, None, Pedro Escudeiro, Pete Gray, Rachel Stevens, Sally Pasquill, Sandra Caven, Sarah Compton, Simon Casciano, Sophie Varley, Susan Renwick


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