Lower Back Pain Treatment and Relief

Despite the introduction of Manual Handling and Health & Safety Regulations in the early 1990’s, the number of Lower Back Pain sufferers in the western world continues to rise year on year. 

Full Back Pain Recovery is possible

The SIRPA™ approach has been developed over the past 8 years based on the pioneering work of John E Sarno MD and on growing evidence demonstrating that the brain can cause very real pain even where there is no physical damage. By addressing the underlying cause and because the process is reversible,full recovery is possible, as you can see from the many real success stories like Louise’s case study.

Despite numerous inconsistencies between individuals’ symptoms and their diagnoses, because of the widespread belief that pain is of physical origin, few people even realise that there might be another cause for their low back pain.


Research has for years highlighted that degeneration of the spine is a normal sign of ageing and just as many people without pain have slipped discs, spinal arthritis/degeneration/wear and tear. There is also documented evidence that there is no link between pain and posture, structure and biomechanics.

Despite this research, few people open up to the possibility of stress or an emotional cause for their very real symptoms of pain, despite results showing that well over 70% of patients for whom nothing else had helped previously will go on to have a complete recovery using the SIRPA approach, regardless of how long they have lived with their pain.

People come to SIRPA looking for an effective treatment to cure their lower back pain.  In order to provide more than just low back pain management, it is important to address the underlying causes of the pain, which is where our unique approach really does come into it’s own.

Steps to Lower Back Pain recovery

  1. Read the Founder of SIRPA, Georgie Oldfield MCSP’s, book Chronic Pain: your key to recovery for a full understanding and tools to help you begin your own recovery journey.
  2. The online SIRPA Recovery Programmeprovides more in depth information, strategies and support for those who require additional guidance.
  3. Consultations with a SIRPA practitioner in person or via skype are possible, either for assessment or to help provide support, motivation and guidance while you are following the programme  (see details below):

The benefits of an individual SIRPA assessment includes:

  • The opportunity to complete SIRPA’s in-depth pre-assessment forms which will help you begin to gain insights about your condition
  • Time spent with one of the few health professionals worldwide who has attended a training course focused on educating them about the concept of stress-induced conditions and how to integrate this approach within their own work, in order to be able to support and guide their clients through their recovery journey.
  • Learning the links, triggers and behaviours relating to your pain and to begin to understand what might be holding your recovery back and to discuss how best you can progress.
  • Unbiased advice as to further options that might be required to help you become pain free and regain your life.

Investment: This varies depending on the SIRPA Practitioner’s own rates.  SIRPA’s Hardship fund is available for those who are on benefits and would require financial support to access support from a SIRPA Practitioner or to purchase the online SIRPA Recovery programme.  Further information can be found here.


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