Currently we provide courses for health professionals which provide an indepth understanding of Stress-induced conditions and how to help clients recover.

Georgie Oldfield MCSP, Founder of SIRPA, runs the SIRPA Practitioner courses and is an active Practitioner herself.

All the practitioners listed are health professionals/therapists who have completed the SIRPA Practitioner training and who are either SIRPA Trained (ST) or have completed an advanced level of work and become a SIRPA Practitioner (SP).

To help you decide which Practitioner might suit your needs best please see below and checkout individual practitioners profiles, most of which also have links to their own websites, for further information:

SP (SIRPA Practitioner) – Has completed the full SIRPA Practitioner programme and has successfully completed the further requirements to demonstrate advanced application and competency in helping client’s recover using the SIRPA approach (only available for completion pre 2018.)
ST (SIRPA Trained) – Has completed the full SIRPA Practitioner programme, and has an in-depth understanding of Stress-Induced conditions and the application of SIRPA techniques to help clients recover.

N.B. Every practitioner listed is a qualified health professional or coach in their own right and regulated within their own professional regulatory body.