The whispers of our mind!

A number of people I meet who have regained their lives once they recognised that their symptoms were stress-induced tell me that they are about 95% better.  This is because they occasionally experience a ‘relapse’ or another symptom pops up.  When speaking with them it’s usually clear that they are living active lives, yet still […]

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Have you recovered from your symptoms or are you 95% recovered?

Since coming across Dr John Sarno’s work on TMS and meeting him in 2007, his theory that chronic pain and other persistent symptoms are manifestations of unresolved emotions, has been demonstrated to me hundreds of times both in myself and my clients.  Unresolved emotions could either be old, repressed ones that have been triggered or […]

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Turnaround exercise for self-induced stress

I often liken the SIRPA approach to helping people resolve persistent health problems with my own personal development journey.  As you will know if you have read my book, I resolved my own (numerous) recurring health problems many years ago now, after coming across the wonderful and pioneering work of Dr Sarno.  I quickly realised […]

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Learning to handle real life Mother-in-Law stress!

As a Physiotherapist, coming across the concept that chronic pain and other persistent conditions were psychophysiological, or stress-induced, was not as big a surprise as you would expect because I had been questioning things for so long. In fact it was an epiphany as the ‘pieces of the jigsaw’ finally fitted together and I could […]

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Why you may not have found journaling helpful

There are numerous studies showing that Therapeutic Journaling can be effective in boosting health and wellbeing, from improving Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis to reducing visits to the Doctor and lowering rumination and depressive symptoms. Because it is such a simple and virtually free ‘therapy’ to use, I always recommend it to my patients and I […]

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