Befriending Ourselves – How to Use Emotional Awareness for Chronic Pain Recovery

In this earlier blog I explained why it’s so important to learn to befriend yourself and become more in tune with how we feel, rather than bottling everything up.  Now I am going to explain a brief emotional awareness exercise which will help you learn to allow emotions to be expressed safely and gently through […]

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Befriending Ourselves – Why Emotional Awareness is key to Chronic Pain Recovery

Not surprisingly most clients I see have a very negative relationship with their pain/symptoms, usually based on fear and anger, resulting in huge resistance towards it.  In this blog I’ll introduce you to the power of emotional awareness and why befriending yourself could be the answer to resolving your pain. Very often clients have spent […]

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Physiotherapy Pain Association study day 2018

A few months ago I was contacted by Diarmuid Denneny MCSP on behalf of the UK’s Physiotherapy Pain Association to see if I would speak at their annual study day, which was held in London on Friday 27th January 2018.  Having only been in touch via email it was great to meet Diarmuid in the […]

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The Role of Emotions in Chronic Pain

Last October I attended the SIRPA conference – “The role of emotions in chronic pain”.  I’ve blogged about the work of SIRPA before and you can find that information in this previous blog  Chronic pain is a massive problem globally and we are seeing huge increases in the level of disability and opiate drug use. […]

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The whispers of our mind!

A number of people I meet who have regained their lives once they recognised that their symptoms were stress-induced tell me that they are about 95% better.  This is because they occasionally experience a ‘relapse’ or another symptom pops up.  When speaking with them it’s usually clear that they are living active lives, yet still […]

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